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What is Rakugo

Rakugo is a secure, decentralized publishing platform that rewards contributors with revenue and exposure for their content. Content is secured and published as a tokenized digital asset, allowing anyone to manage, distribute, and monetize their content. Each quarter token holders and writers get paid a royalty from Rakugo’s revenue.


Digital Assetization

“Digital Assetization” is the representation of a physical object, content, or idea, on the blockchain. For the purposes of Rakugo, this means creating a digital fingerprint of a piece of content containing copyright data. This digital fingerpront is then signed to the Ethereum blockchain.

Smart Publishing

Rakugo uses a ‘Smart Publishing’ approach to revenue optimization which prioritizes relevance to trending topics on top search engines. Trends are identifiable across streams of data using a cross dependence temporal topic model (CDTTM) and content is published to the right place at the right time.

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The Team

Brendan is a successful entrepreneur and demand generation leader. Having been involved in the blockchain space for 5 years he is passionate about blockchain development and online publishing. Brendan studied an MSci in Physics from University College London and has lead growth teams at a high growth agency in San Francisco and other successful tech startups.

Brendan Playford

Cofounder & CEO, Rakugo

Wyatt is a highly skilled back-end/machine learning engineer and systems architect – with a B.S in Physics and Mathematics from The College of William and Mary. As CTO he is leading the solidity and blockchain development for Rakugo. He has spent the past 5 years working as a data engineer for NASA and startups in silicon valley.

Wyatt Meldman-Floch

Cofounder & CTO, Rakugo

Michael has spent the past 10 years working as an engineering leader and consultant in San Francisco. Having built products for Verizon and most recently for Toyota his attention to detail and experience scaling teams and product makes him a vital part of Rakugo. He heads up our engineering team from the blockchain heart of Berlin in Germany.

Michael Salmon

CPO, Rakugo

Henry is passionate about shipping great products. Having delivered to clients ranging from NASA to Disney his understanding of user-driven development makes him a key asset on the SF Rakugo team. He is interested in how blockchain, machine learning and drone technology can extend human potential. He received his BSME from UCSB and sits on the board of AUVSI-SVC.

Henry Minden

Product, Rakugo

Zac lives in LA and is Red Bulls Digital Brand Strategist. With 7 years experience in the media and digital advertising world. Zac has worked with VICE, Endemol (produces Big Brother on Channel 4). Zac will be heading up our digital brand strategy and driving content distribution through our owned networks.

Zac Russel

Growth & Brand , Rakugo

Alex is a Backend Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer and AI expert. Having worked for a successful startup and NASA as a Computer Vision Engineer. Alex will be working to develop our machine learning and publishing backend; which will enable content contributor scaling and content copyright protection.

Alex Hagiopol

Machine Learning Engineer, Rakugo

Tierney is the Associate Editor at Eater Online Magazine with a background in media and journalism. With 7 years of experience Tierney is going to be working with Rakugo as a lead content contributor and editor on our owned networks.

Tierney Plumb

PR & Communications , Rakugo

Cate has a long track record with growth marketing and platform acquisition at Uber. Having been the lead marketer at North American Power (Growing revenue from $50M-$300M ARR). Cate now works in Growth Marketing (driver aquisition) at Uber and brings a wealth of knowledge that will enable Rakugo to grow its user base at an exponential rate.

Cate Rung

Platform Growth, Rakugo

Josh is an Attorney at Law and founder at The Law Offices of Joshua R. Garber based in San Francisco. As an evangelist for the freelance community, Josh is passionate about rewarding creative value and is Rakugo’s General Counsel. Learn more about Josh on Upcounsel.

Josh Garber

General Counsel, Rakugo

Kate holds an MA in Creative Writing and is a highly skilled editor working in London for HarperCollins Publishers. She is passionate about writing and will be leading our editorial team at Rakugo managing the publishing of content across all our owned channels.

Kate McDonald

Editor, Rakugo

Zane is an organizer at the San Francisco Ethereum Developers Meetup and Blockchain Developer. He is passionate about blockchain technology, co-founding HappyChain with Tim. He is a core advisor and member of our blockchain development team.

Zane Witherspoon

Distributed Systems Expert

Tim is a Blockchain Developer and co-founder of HappyChain in San Francisco. As an active member of the San Francisco Ethereum Developers Meetup Tim is passionate about Ethereum and Solidity development. He makes up a key member of our blockchain development team.

Tim Siwula

Distributed Systems Expert

Having worked as the right hand aid to the CEO of a $300M company – North American Power. Emily is a powerhouse of corporate leadership and management. Driving operational excellence and organization at Rakugo Emily brings years of experience that will drive growth and success.

Emily Arth

Operations , Rakugo


Ben is an Angel Investor, Entrepreneur and Chief Growth Officer at ExO Works in San Francisco. With a strong background in ad-tech (Founder Kick Push – A GiftConnect Company), Ben will be providing advisory support, growth advice, and industry knowledge as we scale globally.

Ben Jorgensen

Strategic Advisor, Angel Investor at Audible Ventures

Travis is a Senior Producer at TBWA/Media Arts Labs. Having been in the television, film, and advertising industry in LA for 10 years his latest work was producing the “2017 Shot on iPhone 7 Campaign”. Travis is our lead digital video strategist, and media industry expert with extensive contacts in LA.

Travis Roever

Senior Producer, TBWA Media Arts Lab

James is an Investment Manager at Cabot Square Capital LLP, a private equity practice in London and is previously a consultant with McKinsey and Company. Having worked on the board with numerous early stage companies James provides business and corporate financial advice, financial modelling, and corporate financial operations.

James Page

Financial Advisor

John is a key member of our advisory team. John currently manages a team of photographers at Google as their Photography Producer. John has worked with the likes of GoPro building their online content communities. He will be advising Rakugo on our pathway and growth in digital video publishing.

John Grasso

Photography Producer at Google